Energy@Work's extensive knowledge of incentives enables us to provide our clients with a strategy for securing additional funding. Grants and incentives come in many guises and help to reduce project costs. These incentives are not always well advertised and can vary by region. Energy@Work keeps up-to-date on the criteria required to apply for incentives and facilitates incentive applications. We are active in all aspects of the incentives process, from coordinating paperwork to ensuring that incentive requirements are met.
Energy@Work has been successful in securing over $5 million dollars in incentive funding for our customers since 2003. We have submitted Toronto Hydro Retrofit Program applications amounting to a cumulative demand savings of over 300kW! Our specialized expertise and extensive experience with the Retrofit Program has earned us Applicant Representative PRO - Top Performer status.

As an AR PRO, we help clients by:

  • Fast-tracking Retrofit Program project approvals
  • Providing accurate incentive and payback information
  • Uncovering additional savings opportunities with proven energy-saving technologies


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