Energy@Work’s customized Energy Management Action Plan (EMAP) is a pragmatic and results-oriented approach to energy management. Organizations can design, implement, and continually improve their energy management strategy.

Our Energy Management Action Plan was recognized by both Canada and USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the results that it achieved. The EMAP has been implemented in over 20 commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities with excellent results. 

The Energy Management Action Plan provides a proven approach to deliver and record utility savings and accomplishments with full access to available incentives. Success is achieved by creating a partnership between stakeholders and evolves through regular meetings, tracking results, and implementing projects.

Energy@Work’s EMAP ensures results are achieved through capital, operating, technological, and behavioural opportunities.  Energy Efficiency Measures are evaluated by reviewing utility use against monthly activities with both operation staff and management.

Energy@Work’s EMAP helps clients improve their triple bottom line:

Economic Reduce utility costs
Environmental Save energy while preserving safety and comfort
Social Responsibility Respected as industry leader through certification and results
The Energy Management Action Plan is a working or ‘evergreen’ plan, i.e.: the plan is continuously updated to track projects, review progress and make improvements through experience, training, peer reviews and best practices.

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