We manage what we measure – RTM is the tool you need to make smart energy management choices.

Real Time Monitoring (RTM) involves monitoring and measuring energy consumption and displaying it in real time, every 5 minutes. This allows you to see the impact of use and price on your bill.

RTM connects directly to your utility meter (Electricity, Gas, Steam, and Chilled water) and allows you to access key information on:

  • Consumption – Access your energy data 
  • Price – See how much you are paying and when
  • Cost –View your utility cost in real time
  • Demand - kW 5 minute profile

Anywhere and anytime!

Introducing RTM reduces the challenges that come with energy management. With the right team and tools, you have the ability to

  1. Set alarms when prices and/or demand exceed limits
  1. Create daily reports for each utility being managed
  1. Identify unusual consumption

Continuous monitoring allows you to compare energy consumption year to year and evaluate the impact of previously implemented energy efficiency measures. 

RTM is the right tool for the commercial and industrial sector as it connects operations directly to their utility meter's data. RTM's reports delivers the right information to empower operators so they can ensure optimal building performance.  

To learn how you can take control of your consumption and make smart energy decisions, please contact us.


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