Energy@Work Inc.’s A-B-C is a systematic approach for examining a building in order to gain a greater understanding of its operations, to identify low and no cost Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs), as well as capital intensive measures. A-B-C involves the completion of an ASHRAE Level II Audit , a Building Simulation, and Commissioning - Phase 1. 


ASHRAE Level II Audit

  • Comprehensive analysis of building & its systems
  • Creates an energy end use breakdown
  • Provides detailed energy and financial analysis
  • Identifies EEM costs & savings, as well as operations and maintenance changes

Building Simulation

  • A detailed energy model that can be used as an ongoing energy performance diagnostic tool
  • Allows robust Measurement & Verification (M&V) of EEMs as per IPMVP Option D, adheres to ASHRAE guideline 14

Commissioning - Phase 1

Phase 1, Existing Building Commissioning (EB Cx)
  • Establishes operational procedures
  • Develops the Project Charter and EB Cx Plan
  • Creates a Building Operating Plan (BOP)

The A-B-C enables you to make sense of your building’s operations, energy use, and provides a road map for energy reduction. The benefits of conducting an A-B-C include:

  • Detecting anomalies through energy baselines and benchmarks;
  • Identifying systems and equipment that are not functioning properly
  • Assessing the feasibility of capital and low cost Energy Efficiency Measures

A-B-C is a road map to achieve and sustain long term performance and energy reductions!

Example of Energy Reductions From an A-B-C Project


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