M&V is an objective process for quantifying energy savings achieved through the implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs). The process involves measuring and verifying pre - and post-implementation energy use, and adjusting for any salient changes in conditions. 

A certified M&V plan provides you with valuable benefits including:

  • Quantified energy savings of energy efficiency measures;
  • Feedback on implemented energy efficiency measures (EEMs);
  • Validation of past projects;
  • Transparency and credible reports on efficiency investments; and
  • Adaptability - M&V allows you to easily adjust to changing facility operating conditions in order to set proper budgets and account for budget variances.

By verifying energy savings, M&V also increases your access to valuable performance-based energy-efficiency incentives! Energy@Work Inc. has been successful in securing over $5 million dollars for our customers in incentive funding for hundreds of energy efficiency projects.

Energy@Work designs custom M&V programs for specific retrofits, or for whole facilities, that are:

  • Accurate;
  • Complete;
  • Conservative;
  • Relevant; and
  • Transparent.

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