Energy@Work values its partnerships. We are currently partnered with many organizations and individuals who aid us in delivering leading edge energy solutions to our customers, and we appreciate their contributions.



We would like to thank all of  the utilities that support our projects by generously providing funding for our client's energy efficiency projects.


Energy@Work makes significant use of information technologies. To assist with office automation, data base requirements, and the use of web sites, Energy@Work has partnered with RKIL, a professional services firm that specializes in the improvement of work flow, with services ranging from process redesign through to the creation of complete software systems.

Find out more at RKIL's website.

RoMar Engineering Inc. 

Energy@Work partners with RoMar Inc.'s Jolanta McKay who brings over twenty years of valuable experience in HVAC and mechanical building systems design and operation, as well as energy efficiency to a wide range of projects.  Jolanta has been involved with projects of different sizes and complexity in educational, commercial, institutional and industrial markets, designing new construction projects as well as major renovations. Jolanta has been involved with a number of high tech. projects such as the design and upgrades of clean rooms in the industrial market. Jolanta also has considerable experience in energy efficiency projects in various industry sectors.

Find out more at RoMar's website.


Energy@Work and Technosim have partnered together to provide our clients with the topmost virtual building simulation models and recommissioning. Since 1996, Technosim has offered unique energy efficiency services to private companies, utilities & government agencies in energy efficiency studies, HVAC design & Whole-Building energy optimization.

Find out more at Technosim's website.

ProFitness Advisors Group

Energy@Work partnered with ProFitness Advisors Group in joint research on aspects of project assessment which focused on organizational change management in Conservation Demand Management projects. ProFitness Advisors Group focuses on innovation and team effectiveness. Their competencies include consulting, process optimization, change management and training

Find out more at ProFitness Advisors Group's website.