Founded in 2003, our mission is to achieve sustainable and cost effective solutions for our clients. We provide independent strategic advice and support in implementation to commercial, industrial and institutional clients seeking to optimize their energy use. We are a strong energy efficiency advocate, and so, we continue to share best practices, ideas and engage with stakeholders to develop better solutions. We regularly participate and contribute to numerous events to advocate our ‘customer first’ focus.

Our Philosophy

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Understand Right

Understanding how energy is being used within the building is the first step towards energy efficiency.


Use Right

Use this knowledge to work in partnership to improve building performance, as well as comfort, safety and productivity.


Buy Right

Buying right ensures equipment is properly sized, and systems are optimized for peak performance.

We believe that through Understand Right, Use Right, Buy Right, energy efficiency is achievable and sustainable for all buildings. We help our clients achieve the triple bottom line: social, environmental and economic sustainability.


Energy@Work is a Applicant Representative “PRO” with the Toronto Hydro Electric System’s Conservation and Demand Management incentive program. We can help you to cut utility costs and use the incentive funds. Find out more at https://torontohydroari.com/ars/energywork-inc/.

Our Clients