Stop the Phantom!

We all know that electronic devices consume energy. However, even when devices are turned off, they may still be consuming energy. This is referred to as "phantom load". 

Help reduce your use, and unplug these needless loads. Unplug devices such as monitors, phone chargers, and coffee makers when they are not being used. "Smart Power Strips" can do the work for you by powering down devices that are idle. 

Spread the word! If you spot a phantom load in your workplace or home, power down and spread energy awareness to others.

Check out the Phantom of the Office @PhantomofTO. The Phantom is spreading the word about #phantomenergy through the Building Beyond Green program. Together, let's #stopthephantom

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This entry was posted on May 6, 2015 by Katie Ashbourne. Katie is our Communications Manager and manages all of Energy@Work's key communications, marketing and media content.