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The 2015 Canadian GRESB Results are in and the 11 Canadian organizations that submitted the survey fared quite well. Oxford and Bentall Kennedy continue to show leadership, placing 1st in their respective categories and the list of first time GRESB submissions continues to grow (This year Triovest reported for the first time). Still, several more organizations have submitted through the grace period (the survey is submitted but the results are not public) and plan to submit survey responses in 2016.

Tenants now almost reflexively expect certifications like LEED and BOMA BESt, which are becoming the norm in the commercial office sector. In turn, property and asset managers are increasingly asking how they move beyond a static certification.

Help reduce your use, and unplug needless phantom energy loads. Unplug devices such as monitors, phone chargers, and coffee makers when they are not being used.