2017 BOMA Toronto / WWF Canada Earth Hour Challenge: Participation up for 5th Year!

WWF’s Earth Hour challenge celebrated its 10 year anniversary this year, which BOMA Toronto and WWF Canada shared with their own 5th anniversary and an 8% increase over last year’s number of participants. Earth Hour is about creating awareness around energy management and gives people an opportunity to participate.

The practices that lead to reductions during Earth Hour can be applied to a Global Adjustment Strategy. Both Class A and Class B customers can reduce their electricity bills by implementing these operational procedures at strategic times throughout the year.

Existing Building Commissioning (EB Cx) & Auditing: Driving Deeper Energy Savings - Free Webinar Dec 14

On December 14th @ 10:00 AM Climate Wise is hosting a webinar: Driving Deeper Energy Savings 
Existing Building Commissioning (EB Cx) as well as Energy Audits

EB Cx is an excellent means of obtaining the deep savings without sacrificing tenant comfort.  However, too often EB Cx turns into a list of deficiencies – missing key elements such as functional tests, training for persistence, etc.  The result is a report that sits on a shelf or becomes a list of trial and error tactics that do not achieve sustained savings.  A properly structured EB Cx has 4 distinct phases: each with specific deliverables that must be checked and validated before moving to the next phase.  15% to 25% savings are achievable when properly coordinated with the operation team.  With rising energy costs & available incentives – it makes sense to cut waste!

Energy Audit is an equally great tool to identifying Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) and should not be confused with EB Cx – each has there value and role to play in a properly structured EnergyManagement Action Plan (EMAP). 

The Audit and EB Cx will be explained individually using real world examples, case studies and an explanation of the difference between the two + the telltale signs that your building might make a good candidate and what to look for

Questions will be answered, concepts explained, and tools suggested along with reference material in the proper design, selection, and execution of:
Energy Audit
Existing Building Commissioning (EB Cx)
Feel free to share this email and hope you enjoy the webinar!


Scott Rouse
Managing Partner, Energy@Work Inc.

Scott Rouse is the founder and managing partner of Toronto-based Energy@Work Inc.
Scott is a Professional Engineer (P.Eng) in the Province of Ontario, Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) and Certified Sustainable Development Professional (CSDP) with the Association of Energy Engineers. e specializes in commercial, industrial and institutional energy management and energy efficiency.

Michel Parent
Partner, Technosim

Michel Parent is a partner in a consulting engineering firm, Technosim, specializing in energy efficiency. Technosim has offices in Quebec and Ontario.
Michel is specialized in energy efficiency in the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. He is an Existing Building Recommissioning (EBCx) Agent and has performed recommissioning for over 5 million square feet of office and retail properties across Canada. He is also a certified Existing Building Commissioning Professional (EBCP).

Curtis Leishman
Inside Sales Representative, CDM Programs


 IT IS FREE!  To register, please sign on to:

SBE16 Workshop - An Energy Master Plan that Facilitates Tenant Engagement

Workshop Presenters:

Scott Rouse, P. Eng., MBA, CEM, CSDP, Managing Partner, Energy@Work Inc.

Chantal Sylvestre, SEBT, LEED Green Associate, Energy Analyst, Energy@Work Inc.

This workshop is designed to be very interactive and will include a panel discussion with Property Manager and Tenant teams.  Additional information is available and feel free to contact Energy@Work.  As well, for a copy of the “Green Paper” which was used to form the foundation of the workshop – please visit our web site.

SEE: SBE16Toronto: Green Building Festival Program Now Posted

The full program for SBE16Toronto has been posted, and it’s chock a block with value and opportunity! You’ll hear from provocative keynotes, a comprehensive range of expert plenary speakers, over 25 technical and research paper presenters plus practical workshop providers: all in all, you’ll meet over 75 speakers who are the leading minds and practitioners in urban resilience. 

Sept 19 - 20 in Toronto Canada

GRESB 2015 Results Highlight Significant Opportunities

GRESB 2015 Results Highlight Significant Opportunities

The 2015 Canadian GRESB Results are in and the 11 Canadian organizations that submitted the survey fared quite well. Oxford and Bentall Kennedy continue to show leadership, placing 1st in their respective categories and the list of first time GRESB submissions continues to grow (This year Triovest reported for the first time). Still, several more organizations have submitted through the grace period (the survey is submitted but the results are not public) and plan to submit survey responses in 2016.